Crystal Clear Business Class Digital Voice Lines

– Replace your existing phone lines with updated Digital Voice Lines

Be more responsive with features like “call re-routing” during storms, which will automatically re-route your incoming calls in the event of an emergency or if you lose electrical power.

Use your existing office phone system and also deploy IP based phones, App’s for iPhone, iPad, Android and software for your PC’s and MAC computers for employees at home or on the road.  This Hybrid configuration is a great way to ease into the powerful world of cloud communications.

Be more mobile, by using Digital Voice Lines along with our Hosted Phone Service and receive/make calls on your computer, MAC, iPhone, Android devices.

Save 40-80% each month, as compared to AT&T, Broadview, Comcast, Frontier and Verizon.  Cloud9Phone’s Digital Voice Lines utilize your existing Internet connection for access. By using the global power of the Internet, we’ll provide a significant savings and crystal clear clarity, that the traditional phones companies simply can’t deliver over their inflexible and costly legacy systems.

Easy online web portal gives you complete access to our easy and powerful web based portal. Using your portal, you can remotely manage your services features from any Internet connected computer, Android Phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad.

TOP 10 Benefits of Digital Voice Lines
  1. SAVE 40-80% by eliminating the phone company’s expensive lines & feature plans
  2. Simple, No equipment changeover or disruption to services
  3. Keep your existing Telephone Numbers
  4. Eliminate static prone traditional analog cooper lines
  5. Sophisticated Features like “On Demand Re-Routing Protection”
  6. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  7. Easy to use web dashboard to make changes, review call records and more
  8. Dependable, high quality & consistent service
  9. Local Customer Care & Technical Support
  10. Happiness Guarantee – 30-day money back guarantee
Digital Voice Lines Feature Package Includes

With Cloud9Phone’s Digital Voice Lines, you will enjoy Unlimited calling to the United States & Canada
Keep your existing telephone numbers and take them with you, no matter if your staying or moving. You’ve worked hard to build brand recognition and our Porting Department is dedicated to ensuring that switching your numbers from other telecommunications providers to us is a smooth and seamless process.
In the event of an emergency, power or internet outage, during which Cloud9Phone is unable to route calls to your office phones, our Automatic Call Continuity Service will detect and automatically reroute your calls to any backup number of your choice, landline, cellphone, answering service or your Cloud9Phone’s corporate Voice Mail Box, so you’ll never miss a call.
With Cloud9Phone’s SIP Trunks, you can have multiple calls going on at the same time. Inbound calls will Hunt aka: Roll-Over from your main number to the next available SIP Trunk. These Hunt Groups can be as large as required to handle all of your traffic. We can even design your SIP Trunk Package so callers NEVER get a busy signal.
Call Forwarding is quick and easy within the Cloud9Phone’s user portal. You can forward your SIP Trunk to another phone line, answering service, cellphone or your Cloud9Phone’s corporate voice mail box. Note: Call Forwarding to destinations outside your calling plan will incur a charge, such as to an international number.
Inbound Caller ID allows you to see the name & telephone number of the person or company who is calling before you answer.
Outbound Caller ID with Name allows you control & set the name & telephone number that people see on their caller ID when you call them. You can send your personal DID Number, the Company’s Main Number or Block your Caller ID and remain anonymous.
FCC compliant 911/e911 services are available in the USA and Canada. Provisioning and updating 911/e911 information is quick and easy within the Cloud9Phone’s user portal.
Our awesome customer admin portal is really simple to use and allows you to add, change or delete services. We are always happy to do this for you, however you can self administer all your account features such as; modify call forwarding rules, set-up or change your Automated Attendant, create Hunt Groups, set Caller ID, review your bill and update user preferences information.
Connecting our Digital Voice Lines to your Existing Telephone System is Simple.
  • We’ll install our Digital Voice Line Gateway to connect your existing telephone equipment to our service. This is a small converter box, that connects to the Internet and provides up to 24-Digital Voice Telephone Lines.




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