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As a business owner your business phone system is the number one tool that helps you stay connected to your customers and vendors.

Increases in technology continue to help business owners with email, secure data storage, vertical application software such as quick-books online – so why settle for less than a phone system that delivers more than just a dial tone?

Why not choose Cloud Hosted Internet Telephone Service for your business, that allows you to flip calls between phones and offices, never miss a call, set a programmable auto attendant, record calls, and so much more?

Local Professional Onsite Installation & Support: for Manhattan Business Class Internet Telephone Systems & Services Helps Business Offices Stay in Touch with no hassles.

Virtual Receptionist: Create different greetings for different time of the day, ensure that calls get rerouted appropriately during the lunch hour, and set up call groups to route calls to the correct department with ease.

Call Park: When a customer calls for billing but really needs the technical support, “park” the call in one spot and have the call retrieved by another extension.

Proprietary VoIP Technology: Security of personal information is paramount in business, and our proprietary technology ensures that your calls are safe.

Custom Music / Message on Hold: Provide caller on hold with your own custom message and music on hold.

FoIP Fax over Internet Protocol: Send & Receive Faxes using any combination of using your existing fax machine, our web based portal, email or our Free Desktop software.

Multiple Offices: connected together as one PBX system. Transfer Calls between offices, Send calls to where staffing is best, Automatic Transfer to Answering Service and much more.

We understand many business owners (and even employees) are away from the office often. With our small phone systems, we’re the easiest and fastest way to great communications.

We provide our customers with the ability to make and receive calls from easy to use sleek IP telephone sets, computers, iPhone, iPads, tablets, smart phones, droids, laptops, anywhere there is an Internet connection. Connect multiple offices, work from home or while on the road, it’s a telecommunications experience like never before.

You’ll enjoy the same features as a more expensive, traditional PBX phone system, only we charge a simple & affordable flat rate each month.

Millions of calls per month are placed around the world using our advanced network using the Global Power of the Internet.

While telecommunication industry averages point to high cost and low customer satisfaction, our customers experience positive ratings for over 99% of their telephone interactions.

Our unique approach to telecommunications enables you to listen, respond, and delight your customers in ways not possible before using traditional phone services.

All at a savings that will make your Accountant give you a great big bear hug.

Call us right now to find out why we’re Earth’s Smartest Phone Service and what we can do for your customer satisfaction.

We provide onsite repairs and installations in the following areas:

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