Panasonic TGP550 Cordless Handset & Desk Phone Base

Panasonic TGP550

The SIP Cordless Phone System is for communications using the IP Hosted Services. With this system, you can cut down on the initial equipment costs and communication charges from now on.

The Panasonic DECT TGP550 Base Desk Phone Unit with SIP suppport and (1) included TPA50 Cordless Handset.

TPA50 included Base Desk Phone supports up to a total of (6) DECT handsets and is wall mountable.

Call status is displayed on the main phone and its cordless phone for easy reference. Handset has a large white LCD, Calling Status Display Function and is designed for easy use.

This system comes with one cordless handset when delivered to you.

You can use up to six (6) DECT Cordless Handsets if you need them.